A late one again! Last week was crazy with moving stuff, but wanted to get this out quickly today.


  • 10 mins on eliptical
  • 10 mins weightlifting
  • 5 min walk @ 3mph


5k day! We’re in a late cold snap here in Atlanta, so it was in the low 40’s early Saturday morning. Thankfully I carried my inhaler with me on the race, so I was able to take it when the cold started making my breathing harder. The most striking thing about the race was the pace I was able to keep! I think the treadmill has been lying to me about my pace; I didn’t really feel like I was pushing my pace too much but my watch was consistently telling me that I was around or under 10 min/mile, sometimes even as low as 9 min/mile. This suprisingly fast pace led to me finishing in a great time! I wrapped up in 35:20, a solid 10 minute improvement over my last 5k back in April 2022! I was aiming for a max 5 minute speedup, so I was blown away when I was sprinting down to the finish line and saw the race clock. It was a great feeling to see the small but consistent changes I’ve made over the past year pay off. I’ve already got my eye on my next 5k at the end of April, where I’ll try to match my time from this one. A great ending to the week!