• @monday I'm usually not much for video games, but lately have loved diving into Civ 6! I played a lot of Civ 3 as a child, so it's been fun to rediscover the joys of the game in this modern version.

  • @jean trying to work on lifestyle changes vs NY's resolutions, but I wanna commit to buying as few clothes as possible this calendar year and see how that goes! in general, want to keep working on the lifestyle changes I've made in 2022 and keep the snowball of progress going 🙏

  • @manton let's get it! Plurality is such a strange concept in this day and age of walled gardens, but interoperability was at the heart of the open standards that power the web. Let's make that dream a reality!

  • @joshuapsteele woah hadn't seen this yet! looks awesome

  • @jahziel UI game is STRONG with this one. Thus far, feels like a much much slicker version of workona, which I use daily at work.

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