Another wonky week! A weekend trip and some scheduling snafus kept me from going to the gym, but I still managed to get in 3 workouts! If you’re like me and are hard on yourself when things don’t go according to plan, remember that showing up is the main part of the battle. Even if the workouts aren’t what you’d like, getting them done is a huge accomplishment!


Working out at a new YMCA! Still feel a bit sore from the race on Saturday, but definitely not as sore as I did after my last 5k.

  • 10 mins eliptical trainer
  • 15 mins weight workout
    • Curls
    • Shoulder presses
    • Rope swings
    • Pushups


Had more scheduling conflicts, so didn’t have time to go to gym this morning. I did a 10 minute body-weight exercise video that’s a favorite of mine before hitting the road for my weekend trip!


Once I arrived, I went for a short 1 mile run to shake off the cobwebs and get in my 3rd workout. I ran it in just over 11 minutes.


My trip granted me a bonus workout! We went on a ~4 mile hike on the AT, which was a lot of fun and a great leg workout. Sadly my watch was dead so I don’t have a lot of data for this one, but it was great to get in an extra workout sesh!