Distance Avg Speed Target Speed
1.1 mi

3 sets:

  • 10 rows 60 lbs
  • 10 pull down 55 lbs
  • 10 squat 20 x 2 lbs Tried the smith machine but found it uncomfy. Also tried the squat rack, wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be! Might try that out more later.


3 sets

Exercise Weight Reps
bar Curls 10/side 6
Dumbbell shoulder press 20 6
Barbell press 15 10
Overhead tri extensions 15 10
90 degree bi hold 30 sec 20 1
Cybex incline press 55 10

Need to do some research on whether I should be going for more reps or for heavier weights. I tried some heavier weights in between sets and didn’t feel great about them.


Distance Avg Speed Time
1.37 mi 11:06 15:00

Ran outside on road. Trouble breathing for a lot of the run, I think probably just dust and pollen and such.

Notes from the week:

Lots of schedule changes and travel this week, but I managed to get 3 workouts in! Running outside on Saturday was a nice change of pace. I really need to plan to go on another trail run soon…