Distance Avg Speed Target Speed
1.0 mi 12:30


2 sets:

Exercise Weight (per side) Reps
  • curls
  • bench dumbbell press
  • shoulder press
  • cable standing chest
  • tricep extension
  • dumbbell hold
  • plank


Distance Avg Speed Time

Ran on the beach at Jekyll Island! Did this barefoot, which probably wasn’t the best idea :P I got some blisters on my feet and my calves got hella sore, but I made it happen and was very proud of myself at the end! I think I’d like to run on the beach again when I’m back there, just with shoes on this time ;)


Had a weird week this week due to some vacation travel Thurs - Sat. Still managed to hit all 3 days of exercise tho! The hotel we stayed at had a creditable gym with some good equipment, so I was able to piece together an arms and chest workout on Friday morning.