Distance Avg Speed Target Speed
1.08mi 5mph


  • Rows 70 10
  • pulldowns 75 10
  • squats 25 8


3 sets:

Exercise Weight Reps
Curls 20 10
Dumbbell shoulder press 20 10
Barbell press 20 10
Overhead tri extensions 20 6
90 degree bi hold 30 sec 20 1
Cybex incline press 65 10


Distance Avg Speed Time
2.5mi 4.28mph 35:22

One of my best feeling runs yet! Listened to a podcast for the first half-ish and really focused on my breathing. Was able to stay really zen/in the zone for long stretches which made the time FLY by. Before I knew it I was getting to the 2 mile mark. Went into my rest walk feeling really strong and ran the last 0.25 mi or so at > 5.0 mph. Really revealed that breathing and staying calm and relaxed is going to be key to increasing my distance. I think I’ll be able to push to 2.5 mi without walking in the next month or so!